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Stupidity, mentors and bye-bye to the CIRA Board

I’m sitting up late in my hotel room in St. John’s, Newfoundland having just completed two things:

1) A few hours ago I left my last Board meeting as a CIRA Director, aside from a short teleconference slated for next week, as of June 22nd, my term is over and I’m done.

2) Because I can’t sleep, I just watched Albert Nerenberg’s documentary Stupidity which just aired on CBC’s Rough Cuts.

I’m glad I watched it. Something I’ve been trying to do over the last few years is come to grips with my own stupidity. Being on the CIRA Board … Read the rest

Booktagged: I’m it

My friend The Atavist has tagged me in some booktag thing making the rounds across the internet faster than a Star Wars bootleg. Maybe one day Sieg will notice I’ve long since changed the name of my blog from Blah Blah Blog to Under The Radar 😉

At any rate, here is my book tag thing:

Number of books I own: A lot. At least a few hundred and when I figure the boxes in storage it may go over a thousand. I come from a long line of bookworms and now that I’m married to another one, it makes … Read the rest


The Preparing for the Death of the Link Based Algorithm on Threadwatch.org discusses a Death to Link Based Algorithms posting which prompted me to foward the links and my own observations to “SEOSteve”.

SEOSteve’s name has been changed to protect the paranoid: which is Steve himself. He’s an SEO professional and a good friend of mine, lives down in the US. Big city. Great guy and a personal friend as long as we agree never to discuss politics.

SEOSteve is embarking on a very committed, in depth project which involves SE rankings. When he describes it to me I … Read the rest

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