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The new four letter F-word is: FAIL

Apparently there is an initiative underway in the UK to drop the use of the word “fail” for children who don’t pass onto the next grade, in favour of “deferred success”.

This makes all the sense in the world if we want to train our children that life is always fair and that everyone succeeds (even when they don’t). With the pervasiveness of political double-speak in the world, where politicians say one thing, do another and then revise what they say they said or redfine the meaning of what they claim to have meant when they said it, then it … Read the rest

All Extremists should be lined up against a wall and shot

In fairly short order today I’ve read some pretty emotional posts from varying sources on some closed boards I’m on.

One advocates the US “nuke” the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan to (paraphrasing) “make sure we get Bin Laden before he gets a suitcase nuke into NYC” . Another posits that we are in the midst of the “Third Holy Jihad” being undertaken by Moslems to bring the world under Islamic Law.

The latter quoted Jordan’s King Abdullah who noted “The real struggle is between moderate and extremist Moslems” and it occurs to me that everywhere The Real Struggle … Read the rest

And the most useless technology ever award goes to…

Car Alarms.

I write this as I listen to one going off steady for about the last half hour. It brought back painful memories of my last apartment, on a residential street with lots of street parking for the local residents and there being about a half dozen repeat offender cars whose alarms were on a hair trigger. They would go off for no reason several times an hour, all day, every day.

In their most common form car alarms don’t do anything to mitigate threats to your vehicle. They just piss people off. I wouldn’t be surprised to find … Read the rest

Prediction: June 6, 2006 conspiracy theories to surface

I noticed this on the plane out here on monday, I looked at my phone and saw the date: 06/06/05. It occurred to me that next year the MM/DD/YY date strings on all devices worldwde will read 06/06/06.

This is all it takes: wait for a conspiracy theory to emerge around this date, it will be singled out as some sort of seminal moment in human history: WWIII will start, asteroid hit, coup d’etat and imposition of martial law in the US, suitcase nuke somewhere, we’re waiting for the “what” gets predicted to happen on that day, not “if” a … Read the rest

Stupidity, mentors and bye-bye to the CIRA Board

I’m sitting up late in my hotel room in St. John’s, Newfoundland having just completed two things:

1) A few hours ago I left my last Board meeting as a CIRA Director, aside from a short teleconference slated for next week, as of June 22nd, my term is over and I’m done.

2) Because I can’t sleep, I just watched Albert Nerenberg’s documentary Stupidity which just aired on CBC’s Rough Cuts.

I’m glad I watched it. Something I’ve been trying to do over the last few years is come to grips with my own stupidity. Being on the CIRA Board … Read the rest

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