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AJAX Heresy: It’s not a feature and nobody really cares anyway

Lately I’ve been hacking around with AJAX. Most of the time AJAX is used for little more than eye candy but I thought I had found a situation where AJAX would do actually something novel and solve an existing problem.

The problem is on our universal whois lookup site: easyWhois.com, where it has sporadically run into problems over the years where one registrar site or another (*cough* *cough* Netsol *cough*), would block us for “excessive queries”. The idea was to use AJAX to push the query back into the client’s browser, instead of doing it from easywhois. The server … Read the rest

June 6 prediction nailed, another example of the long tail of blogging

About a year ago I blogged about the approaching June 6, 2006 date and owing to its MM/DD/YY date string I predicted that a lot of rubbish was going to surface in form of conspiracy theories around this date.

It looks like I was right, just a small sampling of net.kookiness brings all kinds of hyperbole from the lunatic fringes of the internet like June 6, 2006: 6 Things You Must Know, the Left Behind folks are releasing The Rapture on June 6, and even mainstream Hollywood is re-releasing The Omen on this date.

What I didn’t expect was … Read the rest

Useless mash-up between pdns pipe backend and md5

I’ve had the idea to do some tinkering with powerdns’ pipe backend for awhile and had decided to rig up a quick and dirty MD5 encoder/decoder database on a domain I’ve had for awhile MD5.ORG

So it was pretty easy. Now anybody can quickly get an MD5 hash on any string that’ll fit inside a DNS query packet by doing something like:

host -t txt <string>.to.md5.org

or the slightly less readable

dig -t txt <string>.to.md5.org

Then for completeness you can try and see if we already know what string creates a given MD5 hash and retrieve it using

host -t
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Obligatory mesh web 2.0 conference post

I decided to attend the Mesh web 2.0 conference since it was taking place within walking distance of my place. I had better blog that now, since I brazenly left my laptop at home when I went (convention faux pas).

The question that I always have is what the hell is web 2.0 anyway? And how is it different from web 1.0?

There was a predictable mutual admiration club forming over blogs, tagging, social networking, RSS and communities. “100% authenticity” was being bandied about in a lot of overheard conversations.

Now that “web 2.0” is heating up as defined by … Read the rest

ibill’s business model: screw your customers, spam their customers

A couple years ago I subscribed to Kirt Christensen’s “Buying Web Businesses” for about a month. I didn’t renew my subscription and haven’t given it much more thought, until today.

Today I got a porn spam in my inbox from “gspotnews.com”. I recognized the email address I received this to as the one-time address I used when I subcribed to Kirt Christensen’s website. I took a look at the fine print at the bottom of the email and saw this:

You are receiving this Monthly Newsletter because you provided us permission
by agreeing to our privacy policy when you signed
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