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Bob Rae’s “Same Boat Now” covered by metalheads

Many years ago I was in a band called Landslide.

The Premiere of Ontario at the time was Bob Rae. He penned a little ditty called “Same Boat Now”, and submitted it to Sony Music and was laughed at.

Always the opportunist, and in a band with a drummer who was then a TV reporter covering Queen’s Park (now he’s the Director of Communications for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty), I had the idea to do a power-pop/punk version of the song.

We had a brief media moment over it. I guess you could call it our 15 seconds of fame, … Read the rest

Can one be a half-assed straight shooter?

It’s not often I use profanity in a blog post, usually when I do I blow some steam and then go back and cleanup the verbiage (like I did just now, the title of this post was a lot more colorful in v1.0)

The background: We have over the years, used another Toronto company, who shall for the moment remain nameless, for some equipment leases. This company farms out the financing to various other companies. One of them was CitiCorp Vendor Finance, 123 Front Street West, 16th Floor, Toronto, On. 1-866-778-1393.

So my bookkeeper noticed something strange lately. She noticed … Read the rest

5 things your customers want from you

After a long absence from blogging (again), I’ve compiled a short list of the 5 things your customers want from you and they have nothing to do with web2.0, social bookmarking, widgets, marklets, CSS, RSS, Ajax or search engine optimization. In fact this post formed in my mind over the course of buying a new house, moving into it, and selling the old condo.

In other words, these 5 factors became evident to me offline, in the bricks and mortar world, and in keeping with my tired old view that “there is no such thing as The New Economy”, it … Read the rest

Life At The Margins

The elevator in my office building hasn’t been working since last week. I meant to do this yesterday but today I finally called building management to report it. It turned out nobody else had done so. I overheard a lot of people in the halls complaining about it, but none of them actually did anything about it, even if it only required the most innocuous of actions to set a remedy in motion. So eventually, I did something about it. What’s the difference between me and everybody else? About ±10% I figure.

That means most of the time I’ll go … Read the rest

Better Living through Private World Domination

After reading Seth Godin’s So What’s Wrong With Small Business, it occurs to me that my blog’s subtitle, describing myself as a “serial entrepreneur” may have been somewhat inaccurate.

“The distinction I’ve always made is that an entrepreneur is trying to make money while she sleeps, and does it with someone else’s money! That she builds a business bigger than herself, that scales for a long time, that is about processes and markets. A small businessperson, on the other hand, is largely a freelancer with support, someone who understands the natural size of her business and wants to enjoy

Read the rest
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