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The Parkdale Hookers apply to become bank holding company

/Toronto tPHwire/ – In a move presaged by Amex and GMAC, The Parkdale Hookers, or TPH have made the requisite filings with the SEC to become a bank holding company. If approved, the Toronto based indie rock group will then request an estimated 3 billion dollars in recapitalization under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.

Although an unorthodox move for an unsigned rock group, “the financial crisis has forced everybody to consider their options”, a spokesperson for the group told Forbes. The power-pop group known for its three chord guitar rock oriented anthems reported no revenues in fiscal 2008, … Read the rest

The most idiotic thing I’ve heard all morning….

In case I was doubting my going long on oil last week, this cinched it for me:

Lower heating costs predicted

WASHINGTON – The dramatic drop in world oil prices means a break this winter in heating costs, although households will still be paying more than they did last winter, the government says.

For starters, if a panel of government monkeys say “lower heating costs”, prepare for the opposite. Always do this.

Next, if households are still going to pay more this winter than they did last winter, then guess what? Heating costs are HIGHER you damn dolts. If this … Read the rest

All Hail The Chief and God Bless …The Left

I know my friend and mentor The Atavist blogged yesterday that it makes no real difference who won the election, I am, to quote a favorite phrase of my attorney, “cautiously optimistic”.… Read the rest

What is keeping the lid on the price of silver?

For anybody who isn’t living in a cave without electricity, the past few weeks have been in a word “eventful”. I have been delaying posting about what’s been happening because so much has happened and it’s been a long time since i wrote about it that penning one, comprehensive post to address it all just seemed a tad overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to just break it into chunks. Chunk #1 is called What is wrong with this picture?Read the rest

The Long Tail of Entitlement Trumps Self-Reliance and Intelligence

I have long had in my mind’s eye a kind of chart with a bell curve in it that intuitively explained to me why, over time in a democracy, the lowest common denominator of cultural and political discourse will sink, which will have a negative feedback effect on the overall robustness of society. Today I got an email from my longtime internet penpal Larry Wallman, quoting Ron Paul, that finally motivated me enough to whip up excel and try to plot it:


What Larry Wallman sent via email was his famed “Sunday Comments”, which, since I no longer daytrade at … Read the rest

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