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easyDNS CEO, Career Contrarian & AntiGuru

What a difference a month can make!

So is the title of the latest Patient Capital newsletter to shareholders, observing that September 2010 brought the highest U.S equity returns in a staggering seven decades! But this is Patient Capital, not Kudlow and Cramer. The core …… Read the rest

Circle of Competence Revisted: What Business To Start?

You see a lot of people going to seminars, doing research and gearing up to “become their own boss” by trying to do things totally outside of their circle of competence. Bricklayers trying to daytrade. Bank tellers trying to flip …… Read the rest

Mike Swanson’s Strategic Stock Trading Reviewed

If you’ve been following Mike Swanson for any length of time, if you’re a member of his WallStreetWindow community or have read any of his ebooks on the subject of trading, then not a lot in this book will come …… Read the rest

Joe Weisenthal: The “Can’t Miss” Contrarian Indicator for Investing in Gold.

Most of the readers here are likely familiar with Joe Weisenthal, the Deputy Editor for Business Insider. I discovered BI during the financial meltdown and it showed promise, sadly, it has since devolved into hysterical punditry and sensationalism,  often …… Read the rest

What I look for in a potential web business acquisition

I sift through a lot of listings on flippa, ebay, and other venues and basically dismiss 99.99% of them. In a year I probably scan through literally thousands of listings and I maybe go ahead and actually buy one new web based business. After thinking about it, I came up with 6 things I look [...]… Read the rest
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