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Additional Mailbox Pricing for easyMail

Now that we've made webmail for easyMail available we've been getting asked more often about the pricing on additional boxes. Recall that all DNS Pro level domains come bundled with 10 easyMail IMAP boxes, which is quite frankly, nuts. It should be more like 5, but oh well.

(Insert a picture of a used car salesman doing that "we must be crazy to sell at these prices" dance). I knew we went too high on the 10 boxes bundled when we started to get users who wanted to sign up for DNS Pro, and then not even move their domain Read the rest

The easyDNSSEC roadmap.

We've been getting an increasing number of queries regarding the rollout of DNSSEC, the security extensions for DNS.

We have been testing DNSSEC internally and plan to have it available for members ahead of the key deployments this year. Some of the deployments are as follows:

.CA plans to sign the root on March 31, 2011

.COM will sign the root March 31, 2011

The "." root zone was signed in June, 2010

With this in mind, we plan to have DNSSEC capability within the easyDNS user interface in February.

We have not finalized pricing for DNSSEC enhancements. DNSSEC signed … Read the rest

A Value Investor buys into gold (oh my)

A friend of mine, Aram Fuchs runs a fund called FertileMind Capital out of New York. We met online through a mutual interest in examining new media companies and assets from a value investing framework and have since met in-person. …… Read the rest

Cyberplex decimated by Yahoo/Bing and Q4 Guidance restatement

Cyberplex.com (TSX:CX) is Canada’s largest CPA network with a fairly blue-chip customer base including RBC and Jaguar along with net giants like eHarmony and Netflix. They’ve been pretty aggressively growing revenues and earnings over the past couple years and for awhile I counted myself a shareholder. I sold my position last year when they announced […]… Read the rest

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment

I have remarked privately that once 2011 hit, the ramp-up to the impending 2012 hysteria would seriously begin to build (it may overpower the next presidential election).

We get an early preview with an emergent Christian sect declaring judgment day is (literally) around the corner. If you’re still here by May 22 this year, then you’re not saved and it’ll all be over by October.

“Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment,” he said.

The doctrine known as the Rapture teaches that believers will be taken

Read the rest

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