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The Era of AAPL is Over

I got a few comments from my “Tech Pair Trade of the Century” post awhile back along the lines of “Short AAPL? Good luck!” and “Long RIM? Good luck!”. So it was with interest I noted this week (13F week, when all the “big boys” file their 13-F’s with the SEC) that two very large […]… Read the rest

The Ron Paul Farewell Address

This is the most important, relevant and germane speech since Eisenhower’s farewell address. Before you dismiss people who espouse “liberty” as nutters and kooks, before you silently acquiesce to the today’s “status quo” and hand the bill off to your … Read the rest

Facebook won’t let me unlike Walmart?

The other day I noticed that “Wal-Mart Canada” had somehow appeared in my “Likes” list on Facebook. After “unliking” it, I posted the following to my facebook page:

Interesting. Walmart was in my “Likes” list.

I don’t like Walmart. In fact I once hired a personal assistant just so I could stay out of places like Walmart. Now we just use some place that delivers, like Grocery Gateway – it’s more expensive but hey, it keeps me out of Walmart.

So it’s odd that Walmart would be in my “likes” list. Unless you mean “I Like Not Going To Walmart”.

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Who are the Best Domain Registrars?

Lifehacker is doing another"Who is the Best Registrar" survey, and of course we've been out there tweeting and #fb-ing for everybody to head on over there and vote….for us :) Of course.

But it got me thinking this morning, shameless self promotion aside, who are the best registrars out there? Aside from us, I mean.

A few come to mind:

Hover.com: Hover really nails simplicity and streamlining things, and in fact they've sat down with us and helped us streamline some of our processes. Because we are so "DNS-centric" we sometimes over-complicate things and lose sight that a … Read the rest

How to Leave easyDNS

[ If you’re interested in the backstory to this post, read on, if you want to skip straight to how to get the hell out here, skip down to How To Leave easyDNS ]

I have been listening to Doc Searls' The Intention Economy lately, it is an amazing book for a number of reasons – but suffice it to say (for now) that the book introduces "VRM" – Vendor Relationship Management. VRM is the natural compliment to CRM and is conspicuous in its absence from most business models. Yet if I may be so bold, it correctly describes the … Read the rest

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