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Hub Nation: The Scandal of Money

I just finished reading Dan Lyon’s “Disrupted”. I devoured it in a little over 2 days and took frequent breaks to email various friends and colleagues (many of them tech CEOs of non-unicorns, go figure) that they had to read it.

disrupted_coverRead the restThe story of Lyon’s tumultuous ride at Hubspot, a tech unicorn which has never shown a profit, and will probably never show a profit didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. It didn’t say anything I haven’t been pounding the table myself about for over a decade, but the storytelling is brilliant and it’s encouraging that the former

easyDNS to refuse queries from rogue states, illegal immigrants, and leftists



Speaking at a company rally in Forest Hill, Louisiana, easyDNS strongman Mark  (“The Mark”) Jeftovic decried an epidemic of political correctness destroying the DNS protocol.

“Used to be a time, DNS was designed and used by geeks. People with brains. People doing real shit. Cool shit. Online.

Nowadays anybody can plug in a server and expect to connect it to the internet and expect equal access! They start sending out DNS queries from anywhere and they feel entitled to a response… and that my friends, is destroying the internet. That sense of entitlement.”

“All of that’s gonna change. We’re … Read the rest

The US Government has no credibility to compel anybody to weaken security

This is my belated obligatory post about the entire “Apple vs the FBI” episode and whether it should help decrypt the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. People have commented that I should write something, and I’ve been reluctant in case I go off in full-rant-mode.

I wrote the entire post and then after I re-read it and thought about it I realized that normally this should not be a big deal. In the presence of a clear crime having been committed, and LEA presenting a legal court order to Apple, this should be … Read the resta no-brainer. Help them crack the damn phone

Yahoo testing blocking your email access if you use ad-blockers

Last week the news broke that Yahoo had begun testing a new initiative where users with ad-blocking enabled would be denied access to their email.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.10.56 PM

I've been in this business a long time, we've been through countless DDoS attacks, and a lot of "red-alert" situations. From those experiences I can tell you that users are for the most part pretty stoic and understanding about outages, even if it is causing them serious pressure at the time.

There is one exception to this: email. Mess with somebody's email and all bets are off. People, in a word, freak. Which is … Read the rest

Why We Will Not Be Registering easyDNS.SUCKS

facebook-sucksSimilar to how it's getting harder these days to differentiate actual news from The Onion satires, reality takes on a somewhat surreal timbre when it starts to imitate your April Fool's gags from yesteryear…

In 2011 we joked "easyDNS To Launch .SUX TLD", in which we posited a thinly veiled extortion racket to goad squeamish IP holders into "defending their trademarks" under a TLD which was "not intended to encourage registrations which disparage any company or entity.", but would be available for registration at blatantly exorbitant prices.

Among the steady barrage of new TLDs in the Great Namespace Expansion … Read the rest

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